Thank you for wanting to learn more about buying our Real Estate Website Template.  Right now we are having a HUGE special for the end of the year.  You can buy your new website for only $899.00 with two payment installations. The first is for your initial down payment and the last payment is when your site is up and ready!

How long does it take?

Building your new website will take roughly 2 weeks depending on how fast you can get us the content and images.

Do I need a URL?

Yes, you will need your own URL.  Springs Hosting offers great and affordable domains.  Remember to always try and support your local businesses!

Once my site is completed, what do I need to do?

Once your site is ready to go you will need to host your own site.  Springs Hosting is more affordable than any other large cookie cutter hosting company and they are local! Their annual hosting fee is roughly $114.

Will my site look like everyone else’s site?

Nope! The same layout will be consistent but your colors, content and graphics will all be different!

I have to link my website to my company’s site.  Can you do that?

Yep! We will link your MLS listings and also add their logo in the site if need be 🙂

Interested? Let’s Talk!